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SEA Group investments

The SEA Group in 2018 continued its commitment to support investments in line with its development plan. The following table details the investments made in 2018 of Euro 79,185 thousand, net of advances to suppliers, with evidence of new investment (Euro 63,980 thousand) and recovery actions (Euro 15,205 thousand). It should be noted that no research and development activities were carried out in 2018.

(Euro thousands)New installations Restoration investmentsTotal
Flight infrastructure 7,985 6,055 14,040
Air terminals 13,886 3,551 17,437
Cargo 4,665 95 4,760
Misc, buildings 4,610 1,659 6,269
Roadways and parking 2,122 318 2,440
Networks & plant 8,395 3,527 11,922
Ecology 12 0 12
ICT Systems / Projects 15,703 0 15,703
Other equipment 6,602 0 6,602
Total investments 63,980 15,205 79,185

Amounts are inclusive of the 6% remuneration in accordance with IFRIC 12 (Euro 2.5 million) and the share of financial charges (Euro 0.03 million).

Flight infrastructure primarily includes safety measures, coordination, planning and regimentation works on the Lambro river and extraordinary maintenance on AVL (remote control and transport systems) at Linate and Malpensa airports.

In addition, further renovation and revamping work was carried out at Linate and Malpensa airports, affecting the loading docks, de-icing water treatment system and handler vehicle storage.

The most significant investments in the terminals were the functional upgrading and restyling of Malpensa Terminal 1, with new commercial areas, the standardization of existing finishings and the restyling of the Schengen Baggage Claim area.

Similarly, at Linate airport, the main work involved functional upgrading and restyling aimed at improving the perceived quality and architectural image of the terminal. In particular, in 2018 the work concerned the terminal’s facade, land side access, the arrivals hall, the baggage claim hall and the Leonardo SEA and Welcome Alitalia VIP Lounges.

Construction was completed on a second warehouse in the Milan Malpensa Cargo area with an area of approximately 15,000 sq. m. to be used by cargo operators.

The item “Misc. buildings” is primarily composed of work carried out under the agreement with the Italian Air Force and supporting work for the construction of the new general aviation base located at Malpensa Terminal 2.

The work done on the roadways and parking system largely referred to the upgrading of the southern rental car parking area at Malpensa and the parking area at Linate airport, together with the supply and installation of the new bollards for the Linate and Malpensa checkpoints.

The most significant investments made in the networks and plant category included work to upgrade and revamp the lighting and mechanical systems in Malpensa Terminal 1 and 2, as well as the cogeneration systems, replacing the engine supervision system in Linate, and the installation of a second generator system at the Malpensa power station.

Investments in information and communication technology related to digital innovation, the consolidation and modernization of airport application infrastructure and cyber-security. In particular, attention should be drawn to the activation of the E-Gates stations in the Malpensa and Linate terminals, which use biometric technology for passenger passport control, increasing overall airport security while also reducing waiting times.

The item “Other equipment” is primarily composed of new apron equipment such as de-icers, push-back tractors, plows, and ambulifts at the Linate and Malpensa airports.