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Customer Care

The SEA Group, always keenly aware of the opinion of its users – passengers, accompanying persons, visitors and employees – continued in 2018 to implement a monitoring and improvement policy of the quality level of services offered to the various parties which interact with the Group. The improvement of the “Passenger Experience” has assumed across the airport industry an increasingly significant role, in that Quality Perception, which is the principal measurement, is recognised as an essential element to support business profitability.

In accordance with the provisions of the ENAC GEN-06 and GEN-02A Circulars, the 2018 edition of the Services Charter was published and is available online at , while the paper version is available at passenger information points.

Customer Satisfaction is constantly monitored using various tools, such as:

  • the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), based on interviews conducted by the leading market research company DOXA, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) model, used internationally across many industrial sectors.
  • The ACI ASQ (Airport Service Quality) programme that involves some 320 airports worldwide and about 110 in Europe, with departing passengers interviewed using a uniform questionnaire. This enables the setting of a single benchmark for the degree of satisfaction expressed regarding the services received at different airports worldwide, to identify the highlights and the most significant experiences (best practice).
  • The Instant feedback system which allows passengers, by clicking a button a totem, the opportunity to express their opinions immediately after using the service 24 hours a day. More totems have been added, taking the number from 30 to 100 devices distributed across the 3 terminals and providing feedback on security check areas, public toilets, commercial activities and maintenance in general. The system provides daily, real-time results, facilitating immediate interventions to improve quality standards.
  • The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform specifically developed to manage relations with passengers and e-commerce customers, facilitating information flows and internal company collaboration.

With the aim of improving passenger experience, 2018 saw the continuation of the Family Friendly Airport initiative with special ‘Family Lane’ security check lanes dedicated to families at Linate and Malpensa, used by approximately 12% of departing passengers, and with the organization of Pet Therapy events.

During 2018, the “Live Info Point” airport assistance service was strengthened, by which passengers can receive assistance directly from a customer service employee who talks to them from one of the 16 video screens in the two airports, recording a significant increase in passenger usage (168%) over 2017 considering the volume at call centre level.

In October 2018, Skytrax, a world-leading air transport research rating firm, awarded 4 stars for the Passenger Experience of Malpensa Terminal 1, re-confirming the excellent service quality (with average ratings higher than 4 on a scale of 1 to 5).